Arcis Investment’s core business is that of Real Estate Investment Manager. Our approach to investment management combines a broad perspective of the marketplace with the intuition and action of local property managers and leasing agents. To Arcis, investment management means that we are responsible for all aspects of the real estate investment including:

  • Sourcing the project
  • Performing due diligence
  • Negotiating all acquisition contracts
  • Closing the acquisition
  • Financing
  • Asset management
  • Development & Redevelopment
  • Financial strategies & valuation modeling
  • Reporting to investors
  • Disposition

Arcis is an opportunistic buyer – return driven rather than motivated by a specific property type. Arcis has both the expertise and the mindset to take advantage of opportunities wherever and whenever they occur. Real estate markets are a constantly changing mix of information and opportunity. Success depends on relationships, discipline, flexibility and the ability to move quickly.